Providing Telco-oriented Network Services with eBPF: the Case for a 5G Mobile Gateway

Automatic Optimization of Software Data Planes

A Proof-of-Concept 5G Mobile Gateway with eBPF

A Micro-service Approach for Cloud-Native Network Services

A Service-Agnostic Software Framework for Fast and Efficient in-Kernel Network Services

This paper presents Polycube, an open-source software framework based on eBPF, that enables the creation of arbitrary and complex network function chains. Each function can include an efficient in-kernel data plane and a flexible userspace control …

Accelerating Linux security with eBPF iptables

Creating Complex Network Service with eBPF: Experience and Lessons Learned

Toward an eBPF-based clone of iptables

Iptables, which is currently the most common firewall on Linux, has shown several limitations over the years, with scalability as a big concern. This paper reports the first results of a project that aims at creating a (partial) clone of iptables, …

Partial offloading of OpenFlow rules on a traditional hardware switch ASIC

OpenFlow represents a new powerful paradigm that combines the flexibility of the software with the efficiency of a programmable hardware switch. However, such an approach is currently reserved for new hardware devices, specifically engineered for …

Enabling NFV services on resource-constrained CPEs

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are often implemented using virtual machines (VMs) because they provide an isolated environment compatible with classical cloud computing technologies. Unfortunately, VMs are demanding in terms of required resources …