Domain Specific Run Time Optimization for Software Data Planes

The Case for Network Functions Decomposition

This paper makes a case for writing unrestricted eBPF network functions which then get automatically decomposed between kernel and user-space.

Providing Telco-oriented Network Services with eBPF: the Case for a 5G Mobile Gateway

Although several technologies exist for high-speed data plane processing, such as DPDK, the above technologies require a rigid partitioning of the resources of the system, such as dedicated CPU cores and network interfaces. Unfortunately, this is not …

Automatic Optimization of Software Data Planes

A Proof-of-Concept 5G Mobile Gateway with eBPF

A Micro-service Approach for Cloud-Native Network Services

A Service-Agnostic Software Framework for Fast and Efficient in-Kernel Network Services

This paper presents Polycube, an open-source software framework based on eBPF, that enables the creation of arbitrary and complex network function chains. Each function can include an efficient in-kernel data plane and a flexible userspace control …

Accelerating Linux security with eBPF iptables

Creating Complex Network Service with eBPF: Experience and Lessons Learned

Toward an eBPF-based clone of iptables

Iptables, which is currently the most common firewall on Linux, has shown several limitations over the years, with scalability as a big concern. This paper reports the first results of a project that aims at creating a (partial) clone of iptables, …